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There are several types of structural foundation systems that exist today. Most of these systems are dictated by the construction methods and climate of a regions. The frost depths have a great impact on the footings depths. At AG Concrete we have the experience to help you with the foundation of your new home.

Types of Foundations

A number of different types of foundations are available for building projects in the San Jose Bay Area and the surrounding areas. Some of the most popular of these configurations include the following:

  • Slab-on-grade foundations¬†are poured directly on the surface of the ground. This allows them to provide superior support for most structures. In some cases, however, these foundation types could be more vulnerable to flooding, making them less suited for certain areas.
  • Basement foundations are designed to provide added space for mechanical systems and storage in commercial buildings and typically feature walls of eight feet or more in height. These foundations are not suited for areas with high water tables or locations that are prone to seasonal flooding.
  • Crawlspace foundations are raised to about three feet over the ground, allowing access for wiring and other mechanical systems.
  • T-shaped and frost-protected foundation structures are rarely used in our area and are designed to provide added protection against sub-surface ice and frost in colder climates.